Creating a design code

Designed with Kids in Mind is a multi-pronged campaign which includes public education, pressuring digital media companies to improve their design choices, petitions for Federal Trade Commission rulemakings, and legislative advocacy.

There are a number of important bills in Congress that would achieve key elements of a design code. Please check this page for updates about this legislation and how you can help advocate for a design code!

Currently, there are three bills that have the potential to create strong, effective online protections for children and teens. Learn more about these essential bills below.

KIDS Act | PRIVCY Act | Children and Teens’ Online Privacy Protection Act

Kids Internet Design and Safety (KIDS) Act

This legislation (S. 2918) from Senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal, and Representatives Kathy Castor and Lori Trahan, would protect young users online from manipulative marketing, amplified harmful content, and manipulative design. 

The bill would:

– Prohibit platforms from amplifying violent, inappropriate, and dangerous content to children and teens; 

– Ban features that lead to overuse and compulsive checking of devices, like auto-play, push notifications, and rewards for spending more on a platform (e.g. Snapstreaks);

– Eliminate public displays of quantified popularity such as likes and follower counts for children;

– Stop platforms from recommending content that includes influencer marketing like unboxing videos.

Protecting the Information of our Vulnerable Children and Youth (PRIVCY) Act (HR 4801)

This legislation (H.R. 4801) from Representative Kathy Castor would expand on the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and incorporate key elements of the UK’s Age Appropriate Design Code

The bill would:

– Require sites “likely to be accessed by children and teens” to make the best interests of young people a primary design consideration and conduct regular risk assessments; 

– Establish a Youth Marketing and Privacy division at the FTC; 

– Ban harmful uses of children’s data, including prohibiting all data-driven surveillance advertising to anyone under the age of 18; 

– Allow parents to sue on behalf of their children if their privacy rights were violated.

Children and Teens’ Online Privacy Protection Act (S. 1628)

This bipartisan legislation (S.1628) from Senators Ed Markey and Bill Cassidy would:

– Expand privacy protections to teens for the first time, establishing a “Digital Marketing Bill of Rights for Teens” that limits the collection of personal information;

– Expand protections for children under 13, including banning surveillance advertising and placing a greater responsibility on companies to get parental consent before collecting any data from a child;

– Create an “eraser button” to make it easier for parents and teens to delete a minor’s information from a website or app; 

– Establish a Youth Marketing and Privacy division at the FTC.

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