Getting the Kids Online Safety Act passed

You can help.

This week, members of our coalition participated in a day of action to get the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) passed. If KOSA were to be made a law, online providers would be required to mitigate the effects of harmful content on their platforms; parents and caregivers would have more tools to protect their children; and ensure that digital platforms have the strongest privacy settings on by default for minors – and that’s only some of what the bill would do! Learn more about the Kids Online Safety Act here.

In a letter to Senators Maria Cantwell and Roger Wicker, over 100 advocacy groups from across the nation urged the lawmakers to mark up the essential bill and help it advance through Congress. And you can help too!

Coalition member Fairplay has created a simple form to help you contact your representatives to tell them to get the Kids Online Safety Act. Click the button below to show your support for KOSA and help create the internet US kids and teens deserve!

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