Designed with
Kids in Mind

From apps that turn geolocation on for no reason and sneak in inappropriate ads, to platforms that offer confusing terms of service or introduce adult strangers to teens, too often digital services create unnecessary risks for kids.

These risks are just design choices. Apps and online platforms can be built in ways that reduce risks and increase safeguards for children instead. It’s time to build an online world designed with kids in mind.

More than ever, we need a US design code to
protect kids and teens online. Will you join us?

Why do we need a design code?

In the offline world, we have rules for design that make common spaces safer for children: height limits on playground equipment, doors wide enough for wheelchairs, regulations on lead paint. It’s about time we made some rules for common digital spaces, too!

How are design choices harming kids?


Algorithmic Recommendations

Location tracking

How can I help?

As we build support for better design rules in the US, the most important thing you can do is spread the word!

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